8 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Cleaning Service

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The cleanliness of your office space can make a significant impact on your business partners and clients. You must always strive to keep your office premises clean. However, your regular cleaning staff may not perform all types of cleaning tasks. Therefore, you must hire a commercial cleaning service to ensure a clean and healthy workspace.

Following are some factors you must consider before choosing a commercial cleaning service:

  1. References- Reviews and references can be beneficial in your search for a commercial cleaning service. The company you contact should be able to share some of their references with you. Contact the sources of these references to ask about their personal experience. If they are happy with the service, they will indeed talk to you and confirm it.
  2. Their approach to cleaning- Every company has its own approach to cleaning, and they might have different inclusions and exclusions in their packages. Discuss the cleaning process with the company beforehand and ensure that you both are on the same page about the expectations.
  3. Mode of communication- Most cleaners do their job at night when no one else is there in your space. It allows them to complete the task without getting in the way of your employees and customers. However, it can be difficult for you to communicate with them. You should discuss the preferred mode of communication with the company. Ask them who you should contact in case of problems or queries.
  4. Scheduling- In case of a sudden meeting or event, you may have to reschedule the cleaning service. Or you may need an extra cleaning visit to impress your clients or visitors. You should ask the company if they will be able to reschedule their visit on your request.
  5. COVID guidelines- The global pandemic has taught us the importance of cleaning and disinfection. The potential cleaning service providers must tell you how they will keep your employees, customers, and visitors safe and healthy. They should express dedication to keeping the space clean and germ-free. Ensure that they use special equipment, cleaning solutions, and protective gear to eliminate viruses and bacteria. They must clean down everything, including switches, door handles, vents, and more.
  6. Experience- Before hiring a commercial cleaning service, check how much experience they have under their belt and are they adequately trained. They should be able to efficiently handle all sorts of cleaning tasks. Ask how often the cleaners receive certifications, insurance, and training.
  7. Cost- You must not choose the commercial cleaning service provider only based on cost. Consider other factors also like their reviews, flexibility, and professionalism. However, you must evaluate and then compare the prices charged by various companies.
  8. Needs- You must decide what type of services you will need. Every business has different cleaning needs and requirements. For instance, tech companies need special care and cleaning for their server room. You must prepare a list of your cleaning needs and hire a company that can cater to those needs.

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Considering the above-mentioned factors will help you hire an ideal commercial cleaning service provider. If you are looking for commercial sanitization services too, hire HIRO Systems Hawaii. We deal in various sanitization and disinfection products. We are known for our top-rated customer reviews and our professionalism. You can reach out to us at (808) 359-2298 or fill the contact form to know more about disinfectant sanitizer spray machines.


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