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TEG and HOCL are not new solutions, they are both solutions that have been widely tested and proven to be completely non-toxic to humans by many government agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just to name a few. For detailed documentation on 3rd party clinical laboratory test conducted please visit the science page on our website. TEG is currently endorsed by the FAA and is widely used by the major airlines to disinfect airplane cabins in between flights. It was the solution of choice due to its effectiveness while at the same time non-toxic to people and animals and non-damaging to electronics. HOCL is a solution endorsed by the FDA and currently has been widely used as a disinfectant in food processing plants due to its organic and non-toxic nature.

TEG AND HOCL are solutions that have both been widely tested and proven to be effective virucidal, bactericidal, and fungicidal solutions. You can view clinical lab test by third party organizations listed on the science section of our website. 

With research you will find that both of our solutions (TEG and HOCL) have wide application and are currently being used in many different commercial industries. TEG is widely used in the Airline industry to disinfect cabins in-between flights. HOCL is widely used in Food Processing, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Medical, and Restaurant industries. The significant cost of the units and technology have created a barrier for the average individual and small business.

HIRO has created innovative systems that utilize our N.A.S. Tech to disperse these solutions in a way that is EASY, EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT, EMPOWERING EVERYONE. With HIRO SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS these solutions are now available for everyone from large commercial clients to small businesses to personal and residential application.

Just as our solutions are non-toxic to people, they are also non-toxic to pets. Extensive tests have been conducted on rats and monkeys with consistent exposure to a high concentration of vapored tri-ethylene glycol for a period of 18 months. Tests results concluded that there were no toxic effects whatsoever to the animals in the test. This solution has also been widely used in public venues, such as theatrical smoke and music festivals for years. This has borne proof of its non-toxic nature to people over an extensive period. HOCL is a chemical created naturally by mammalian white blood cells and is therefore non-toxic to animals as well. This has also been extensively tested and documented. For more information please see the information posted on the science page of our website.

HOCL is the abbreviation of the chemical compound HYPOCHLOUROUS ACID. This is the same chemical our white blood cells produce to fight infection. It was first synthesized nearly 200 years ago and became more prevalent after the invention of electrolysis. It was first used in World War I as a wound disinfectant but had to be made on site because it would break down within minutes. It is up to 80x more efficient than bleach yet non-toxic, non-flammable, and 100% biodegradable. It is made by combining salt, water, vinegar and electricity in an electrolytic cell.

HOCL and TEG are used as our HIRO 2 Part solution due to their differing applications.

HOCL or HYPOCHLOROUS ACID is best used as a high contact surface sanitization solution, due to its rapid lethal action and documented 99.9% sterilization rate in minutes. Our SIDEKIK Systems atomize HOCL into very tiny droplets that are both absorbed into the atmosphere as well as evaporate from a surface quickly leaving no wet residue.

TEG or TRIETHYLENE GLYCOL is vaporized into a non-toxic dry cloud that is used for total space sanitization. Within minutes the TEG cloud will saturate the air and occupy a space up to 40K square feet, making TEG the perfect aerial sanitization solution while at the same time providing surface sanitization to every corner and space it touches. Due to the dry nature of the TEG DRI CLOUD, this solution does not damage electronics.

HOCL is an organic chemical compound that occurs naturally in mammals. HIRO’s SIDEKIK Systems electrolyze water, organic salt and vinegar to create all natural and organic HOCL.

HOCL is created with the chemical reaction of electrolyzed Water, Salt, and Vinegar and is active and effective for 2 weeks after the reaction. Because active HOCL has a short shelf life it is most effective when it is freshly created rather than purchased. This is the reason HIRO has elected to supply our customers with the generator to produce their own fresh HOCL.

HOCL is primarily used for anything organic or non-metal. HOCL can oxidize (rust) metal when it sits on a metallic surface for longer than 2 ½ minutes. You may use our Atomizers for metal surfaces as they create very tiny droplets that are evaporated very quickly prior to any degradation. Please however be cautious not to flood any metal surface with HOCL using our atomizers.

The MY HIRO N.A.S. DRI Tech cloud with TEG is the perfect solution for sanitization of spaces with electronics, as the cloud utilized is Dry and therefore does no damage to electronics. It is not recommended to use HOCL on electronics as the solution is wet. A light application of Atomized HOCL will not cause any damage however you must be cautious that you do not overflood the device as liquids can damage electronic devices.

Triethylene glycol is a member of a series of dihydroxy alcohols and is the product of the oxidation of Ethylene at high temperatures. Triethylene glycol is well established as a disinfectant toward a variety of bacteria, influenza A viruses and spores of penicillin notatum fungi. However, its exceptionally low toxicity, broad materials compatibility, and low odor combined with its antimicrobial properties indicates that it approaches the ideal for air disinfection purposes in occupied spaces.

HOCL has been listed by the EPA and specifically tested and demonstrated to inactive SARS COV-2 the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. HOCL and TEG are both documented as disinfectants that have been tested and verified to inactivate influenza viruses along with various other microorganisms including Bacterium and Fungus. SARS/COV2 is a lipid envelope virus which makes it one of the least resistant to disinfectants and therefore it can easily be inferred that due to the solutions effectiveness at killing bacterial spores, which are the most resistant, the coronavirus stands no chance against both TEG and HOCL.

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