How to Disinfect After Someone in Your House Has Had COVID-19

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COVID-19 has turned out to be one of the gravest pandemics in human history. If someone from your house is or has already recovered from the virus, you would know the complications. After COVID-19, cleaning and disinfecting hold greater importance as they reduce the risk of further contamination.

So, the following are some tips on how to clean and disinfect after someone has had COVID-

  1. Strictly isolate the individual- COVID-19 is highly contagious, and isolation is necessary.  If anyone has tested positive for COVID, shift him/ her to a separate room; keep all his belongings separately.
  2. Disinfect the commonly used items- We recommend you frequently disinfect all the surfaces and commonly used items like doorknobs, handles, remotes, and counters.
  3. Don’t forget the bedroom- During illness, we spend most of our time in the bedroom. To prevent the risk of germ contamination there, carefully wash the bedsheet, table covers, and cushion covers. You must also disinfect the cupboards, curtains, desks, and other items.
  4. Disinfect the kitchen- Kitchen items, especially the cookware and dishes, are prone to infection. To avoid transmission, these should be kept separate. Even during the recovery, the infected person’s used utensils should be cleaned and disinfected separately.
  5. Do not overlook the laundry- When someone has had COVID, laundry cleaning is essential. His/her clothes should be cleaned and disinfected separately. Any other fabric which may have come in his/her contact should be washed thoroughly.
  6. Disinfect the bathroom- Bathrooms are particularly vulnerable to infections and contaminations. If a person has had COVID in your house, you must disinfect all the surfaces like knobs, faucets, toilet seats, and cabinets.
  7. The living room is at the greatest risk- Due to common usage, the living room becomes more prone to infections.  Cover the furniture with disposable sheets. Later, thoroughly clean and disinfect all the surfaces – chairs, tables, and showpieces.
  8. Wear gloves and mask while cleaning- Cleaning and disinfecting is usually a simple task. However, because of COVID, several precautions need to be taken. You must use disposable gloves and masks to avoid direct contact with the infected surfaces and throw them off immediately after use.
  9. Use the right products- There are several products available for cleaning and disinfecting. However, it is essential to use the right ones. You must ensure that you are using products that are both effective and harmless.
  10. Garbage management- After cleaning and disinfecting, you must not let the garbage collect at home. Once you are done with the cleaning and disinfecting, properly dispose of disposable items like used gloves and masks.   

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COVID-19 is a dangerous virus, and even a tiny mistake can make you vulnerable to it. Marinating cleanliness and hygiene is mandatory. Especially after home isolation, proper cleaning and disinfection should be the immediate step. If you want professional help for cleaning and disinfecting, HIRO Systems Hawaii is the best choice. We offer the best sanitization and commercial sanitizing services in the town. With a highly trained staff, we follow all the disinfecting protocols. Visit our site to select from our best sanitizing products, or for further information about us, contact us at (808) 359-2298 or fill the contact form.


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