How to Disinfect Groceries During COVID-19

Disinfect Groceries

According to a CDC guideline, the most common mode of COVID-19 virus transmission is through person-to-person contact. Therefore, there is a high risk of contracting COVID-19 from restaurants, takeout, and packaged food. 

Since the science behind SARS-CoV-2 is still evolving, it’s better to be cautious. Here is a guide on how you can disinfect groceries and food packaging during the current pandemic:

Why disinfect and sanitize groceries and other food items?

Viruses can thrive on most non-living surfaces for as long as a few hours to a couple of days. The same is true for the novel coronavirus. According to an NIH report, SARS-CoV-2 can live for up to:

  • 72 hours on plastic and steel 
  • 24 hours on cardboard

Although the chances of contracting COVID-19 from a non-living surface are low, you’re highly likely to bring coronavirus home through groceries and other packaged items. Taking precautions with your groceries will lower your chance of being exposed to the virus.

How to sanitize packaged food?

  • Avoid using chemical disinfectants like bleach on food items wrapped in cardboard or plastic wrap. They are designed for use on hard surfaces and can cause digestive issues. 
  • If you’re carrying food items in a reusable cloth bag, wash them with detergent in hot water. 
  • Use an antibacterial wipe or spray an antibacterial solution to a clean cloth to disinfect packages. 
  • The FDA advises that you clean the lids of canned goods. 

How to disinfect fresh food?

  • Avoid using dish soap to clean fresh food items. Instead, wash fresh food products with a DIY cleaner. Fill a spray bottle with two parts water and one part apple cider vinegar and use it to clean all kinds of fresh foods. Don’t forget to rinse them after the spray. 

How to lower risk while grocery shopping?

Besides maintaining CDC’s socially recommended six-feet distance with other people and not shopping when ill, here are some ways you adopt to lower the risk of contracting the virus while grocery shopping:

Bring reusable bags: Use only washable bags for your trips to the grocery store. Wash them with detergent in warm water as soon as you reach home. 

Sanitize your hands: Most stores have sanitizers near entrances, exits, and shopping carts. Use it on your hands and cart handles. 

Go cashless: Use online payment wherever possible. According to a pre-pandemic study, cash is a breeding ground for germs and can be a significant health hazard. 

Wear a cloth mask: Not just only during grocery shopping, but every time you step out. CDC recommends that everyone wear a mask in public places to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

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