How to Safely Clean and Sanitize Your Electronics

Clean and Sanitize Electronics

You must regularly clean all the objects you frequently touch, like the tabletops, doorknobs, and your mobile phone. It will help you prevent the spread of the virus. However, cleaning your mobile phone or other electronics may not be as easy as cleaning the furniture of your house.

If you want to know how to clean and sanitize your electronics safely, this blog is for you.

  1. Earphones- You will have to clean the sweat, earwax, and germs. If you have earphones with removable tips, take them off and clean them using water and soap. You can clean the other parts using a wet microfiber cloth. You can put back the tips when they are dry.
  2. Headphones- Wipe down the headphones using a microfiber cloth and water. To remove the dust from crevices and grooves, you can use a brush with soft bristles. You must clean the bluetooth headphones only using a dry cloth. It will not damage the internal parts.
  3. Smartwatches- A lot of sweat and bacteria can accumulate on your watch. You can wipe off the casing and the screen of your smartwatch with a soft, slightly wet cloth. Clean the crevices with a soft-bristled brush and the buttons with a sanitizing solution. Replace the bands of your smartwatch with new ones if they are very dirty.
  4. Game consoles- They can get very greasy and dirty due to the constant gaming and binging on snacks. To clean them, first, you should unplug the consoles. Spray compressed air on the cutouts and inputs and dust off all the parts using a bristle brush. You can clean the crevices and other objects using cotton swabs and a damp microfiber cloth, respectively. 
  5. Controllers- Start by disconnecting the controllers and then dampen your cloth with alcohol and water mixture. Using this cloth, wipe off the controller and the wires. Grab some cotton swabs and clean the grooves and the buttons. Once all the objects are dry, you can reconnect your controllers.
  6. Phone- You must be very cautious while cleaning your phone as you may damage the fingerprint-resistant coating. Use a slightly dampened soft cloth and wipe down your phone and the case. Clean the crevices, buttons, and edges of the screen with cotton swabs. For the tight spots, you can use a dry toothbrush. Then, clean the entire phone using a solution of alcohol and water.
  7. Flat-screen TV- You must not clean your TV with a regular glass cleaner. You must wipe down the screen with a dampened cloth. You can clear the remote using a cotton swab and then wipe it down using an alcohol and water mixture.
  8. Laptop- Start by unplugging the laptop and spraying compressed air on the keyboard, crevices, and the inputs. Then, wipe off the screen using a soft cleaning cloth. If your laptop has a touch screen, you must clean it using an eyeglass cleaner and a cloth. You can clean the keyboard using an alcohol and water solution.
  9. Tablet- Remove the smudges and the fingerprints using a lint-free cloth. Then, dampen the cloth and clean the case and the screen. Do not use tissues; else, you may get scratches on the screen.

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