Redefining a Clean Office Environment

Clean Office

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way cleanliness is defined. Hand sanitizer, soap, and disinfectants have become a part of our everyday life. As new theories are developed regarding the virus, people are adapting their lifestyles accordingly.

Businesses are looking forward to getting their employees back to the office, becoming more proactive and transparent in cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing the space. This helps them to create a healthy and safe office environment.

Difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing

Contrary to what many people believe, cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing are not the same. Cleaning does not kill bacteria but removes them from the surface and reduces the risk of infection.

Disinfecting kills the bacteria on the surface using chemicals. EPA-registered disinfectants are best for this. They reduce the risk of infection but do not ensure a clean surface. Sanitizing involves reducing the number of bacterias to a safe level on the surface.

An effective disinfection strategy

Organizations and businesses must implement an efficient cleaning and disinfectant strategy to ensure a clean office environment. The first step is to understand what needs to be cleaned and how often it is touched. Next, you must prioritize high-touch cleaning surfaces like tables, doorknobs, keyboards, toilets, and elevator buttons.

You should clean at least once a day to eliminate the viruses and reduce the risk of infection. You can disinfect after cleaning if you want to.

Disinfection is necessary in the following situations:

  • Lesser people wearing a mask
  • High coronavirus transmission in the community
  • People who are at greater risks of getting infected
  • Unhygienic people

You should note that if any individual who has tested covid positive had occupied the room in the last 24 hours, immediate cleaning and sanitizing are a must. In addition, you must use proper tools and equipment and give PPE kits to the cleaning staff. If you are hiring someone for these services, make sure they follow these guidelines.

Antimicrobial technologies for complete protection

There are many ordinary products and services dedicated to effective cleansing and disinfecting. However, for maximum sanitization and a risk-free environment, microbial killing is essential.

Recently, many companies have come up with antimicrobial technology — a new approach to disinfecting. It has been designed keeping in mind the harmful effects of various atmospheric microbes like bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

In various experiments, antimicrobial technology has been found effective and long-lasting. However, with more viruses coming up, researches and testings are being carried out to develop new products, ensuring maximum security against microbes.


After the advent of the covid-19 pandemic, the definitions for sanitization and hygiene have drastically changed. The risks have increased significantly, and therefore, all organizations and workplaces need to consistently develop an effective cleaning and disinfecting strategy to keep the environment risk-free.

About the business

HIRO Systems Hawaii is a commercial sanitizer solution provider engaged in cleaning and disinfecting services. With top customer ratings and reviews, we are one of the best companies in the field. We hold a team of trained professionals determined to offer maximum safety and welfare to our customers. We have a full-proof strategy designed to clean and sanitize every nook and corner of your space. For more information, contact at (808) 359-2298.


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