The Benefits Of Touchless Disinfection

Touchless Disinfection

Disinfectants use complex chemicals to kill the microbes and thus carry a risk of harm. Moreover, there also lies a problem in disinfecting hard-to-reach areas. Constructions with a complex built, say cupboards, door handles, toilet handles, and light switches, are usually left contaminated when disinfected manually. Manual disinfection is, therefore,  rarely a suitable practice, both from health and work efficiency perspectives. No matter what, human error always creeps in! So, if you are confused between manual and touchless disinfectants, let us provide some insights.

Following are a few points why touchless disinfectants are beneficial:

1. Easy and convenient to perform- Disinfecting is a time-consuming and tedious task. Even after application, disinfectants take some time to react. Manual disinfectants add more to the complexity. This is where the new-age technology comes to the rescue, bringing convenience and ease. A professional sanitization and disinfecting company will streamline the process, using touchless disinfectants. It will ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

2. Safety- Disinfectants constitute several chemicals blended to kill the bacteria. Though many plant-based products have recently come up, chemicals cannot be restrained completely. But what about the harmful effects of these mixtures? How to deal with their hazardous characteristics. Touchless disinfection is the answer. Touchless disinfectants are designed to eliminate human contact while using. Unlike manual disinfectants, here, the adverse effects of chemicals are done away with. Furthermore, professionals are trained to install and use them appropriately, thus ensuring safety.

3. Quick process- Even after application, the disinfectants do not show immediate results. This is because it takes some time for chemicals to react with the surface. In this already time-consuming process, manual disinfectants do not make it any better. However, touchless disinfection can be a good option. It effectively reaches every nook and corner, unlike the manual one. This ensures zero time wastage in the application of the disinfectant and fastens the process.

4. Consistency- Disinfectant is a mixture of various chemicals capable of killing bacteria. The right concentration is essential to ensure maximum results. Manual disinfection poses a problem in its proportion. A mistake in achieving the correct concentration level is likely to occur. On the other hand, disinfectant equipment automatically delivers correct concentration levels of different chemicals.

5. Accuracy- People claim that manual disinfectants often leave certain surfaces contaminated. Also, some areas may be hard to reach when disinfecting manually. It is nearly impossible to eliminate manual errors. Hence, touchless disinfectants are advisable. They are effective in killing most of the microbes and offer 100% reach in the cleaning area. We suggest you hire a professional disinfecting team with the right tools and techniques to ensure maximum accuracy.

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In line with a professional touchless disinfection service provider is HIRO Systems Hawaii. We specialize in providing highly effective disinfection and non-toxic sanitizer services for your home. With consumer satisfaction as our top priority, we have top ratings and reviews for our flexible and convenient services. For further information, contact us at (808) 359-2298.


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